Sunday, August 29, 2010


Two things I like about business travel:

1) Flying - I love the thought of being in an airplane, it's a synthetic Superman fetish of flying. I am, at birth, an air elysian, a lover of a wind element, lofty by attitude, humble by amplitude. I like seeing things from above. In fact, I always had my plane seat arranged at the window. The sound of a plane struggling a turbulence of flight path is music to my ear, and makes me think, "hah, you're in my universe. I am Shu, holder of the sky, god of air." Under the thick wind rushing through my face, it's as if nature is revering me.

2) Luxury Hotels - hotels actually vary in terms of service portfolio. Some have more wellness services, some have loyalty rewards system, some even have more bars to hop for gimmick nights, some don't have them all except for a welcoming brand of customer service, and what-have-you. One thing I love about being a gallivanter is the fact that I can avail and maximize any of the hotel's amenity and package inclusions. I am a cheapskate and I am a sucker for anything free, hehehe.(Or marketed as free).

Well, a breakfast buffet is a de facto standard. Since I don't swim, I don't find the Olympian-sized, neon-lighted pool to be a remarkable sight other than the long arrays of food to choose from at their flagship restaurant buffet section.

Hotels that would astutely suit to my senses should have an ambiance akin to Europe's or US finest. I am not asking for a Waldorf-Astoria or Hotel de Crillon but should be cozy enough for me to focus myself from the work at hand without thinking that I am far from my business resource at the office.

Wifi is a give-away. Speedy wifi is an amenity. There's a difference between the two especially if you're the kind of business traveller who uploads most of his reports from business travel to the office's servers, via VPN or wifi channel alone.

I travel light and easy, so tendency is I don't bring much clothes. And with that, chances are whatever clothes I wore during my ingress might be the same set of clothes I wear on my egress. So hotel's in-house Dry Cleaning services must be impeccable, fast, and reliable.

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  1. Not a big fan of flying, but I love luxury hotels. Especially if the company has to pay for it.


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