Friday, August 20, 2010

Comic-Con Pinoy Version?

When I was a little kid, I always dream of possessing superpowers of my favorite superheroes, and there's a long list of them, from Superman nonetheless to Batman's richness to AstroBoy's technest. I used to stack myself a pile of comics where I surreptitiously read during night time before bed. Some of them are comic books from collectible merchants. While some are only seen through expos and convergence like Comic-Con.

Just recently me and some friends hit with what we presumed to be a bit like a Comic-Con. For those who had been sleepyheads, a Comic-Con is an expo where superheroes exhibit their fine and formidable powers to their rabid fans via the proliferation of life-size(sometimes larger than life) statues and comic book writers displaying their creative geniuses. Unluckily, Comic-Con International is held in the US(San Diego, California to be exact) and we never had one in our shore.

Thank goodness this small-scale exhibit is the closest to what a Comic-Con is, although it's still way behind in terms of coverage, featured programs, exhibit highlights and buzzwords. Seen in the pic is Patricia who possesses our combined guts to pose with the boy Astro. Nice one Patring.

But this collectible sale is enough for me to relive my affinity to my favorite superheroes. Among them were the ones being showcased here. I was looking for my humongous Hulk but he's not there. Maybe because it was too heavy and unrealistic for these comic book dealers to carry him there.

Had I been one of the superheroes I aspired myself to be when I was a little kid, I would have the ultimate edge of mobility, Superman's power of flight(no mention of X-ray vision), Flash's blistering speed, Green Lantern's wish ring, AstroBoy's butt canon, Spiderman's tensile strength web, and Batman's toys-for-the-big boys.

However those were merely figments of imaginations concocted by the minds of these comic book writers and artists. Truth be told, they have been an inspiration as well to my scientific quest of truth: the truth behind going beyond human potential, cell regeneration, mutation, force field, nanotechnology, molecular shifting, psionic beams, and strength beyond requisite mass, etc.

And while most adored dreaming it, I might just stay in touch with science and the development of the new breed of human race. I am not a genetic engineer, but an engineer nevertheless, one who can fully understand the quantum physics of things.

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