Sunday, August 15, 2010

Delimiters of Mobility

One must know the horses in his stable for him to win the race. Just as one must know the cars in his barn to get him to places.

Yes, cars have been the forerunner of our mobile lifestyle. It is the very workhorse that leads us to any of our pre-determined destination.

Cars have been the bourgeois of our freedom. The time of the industrial revolution in the US marks the capital ventures of cars as a necessary means of transport and a subsequent decline of public railway system. The urban proletariat received such a welcoming air with open arms. They can now travel to places far and wide, be it business or pleasure.

To date, almost an entire Filipino family has at least two transportation. Despite our ever squeaking garage space, we never stop acquiring car as our delimiter of mobility. The individual car ownership offers more than just a giant leap of opportunity, the freedom to go where and when you want. That was the same freedom 'undreamt of' of the early working class of earlier generation. Indeed, for a person learning to drive is a major break from the stifling restrictions of the family and first step to adulthood.

Each car owner has to go extra mile for the maintenance of their cars. That is a classic example of technology enslaving mankind. Almost every corner of our society lies a fairly competent auto mechanic but nothing suits better than having to know our car's condition first hand. A car owner to his car and a car to a mechanic is just like a parent to a child and child to a doctor.

As a common American dictum says " when GM(General Motors) sneezes, America catches cold."

It spells a broad range of economic linkages that had become entirely dependent on car condition to such that it has evolved to be a mobility indicator of its own right.

Before the mobile internet and laptop, a car is the primordial soup to mankind's mobility. And just as any gadget which has a distinguishing mark of our identity and uniqueness, we dream of cars that would extend that very same character that we are or aspire to become. Here comes auto-detailing and car set-up and design.

The cars in your barn, in one way or another, speaks very highly of what you are as a person. Seen in the pic are the cars in our now crampy garage with my brother standing.

You, what have you cars exclaimed of you as an owner.

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