Sunday, August 15, 2010

Curtain Call

Our beloved Mac comrade just opened a new restaurant and we were lucky to be the very first marauders during the maiden launch. I, on the far-end of the table at the pic, am enjoying so much.

Charlie, the owner Digital Hub, a retail chain of Mac products just recently unveiled another ardor of his business genius via the launch of a Ramen restaurant.

Serving authentic Japanese ramen is not as simple as it sounds. We were toured around into the inner sanctum of the preparation processes where we are briefed a 'crash course 'on how tedious a ramen is prepared, and they prepared it in-house, they don't have a commissary for it. Even as simple as a hard boiled egg takes two days to prep before it swims into your ramen soup. The ingredients are served fresh and the taste is exquisite. Service is a grandeur. Large bowls are champion to the stomach.

This is not a typical run-of-the mill Ramen haven. Authenticity is the key. Ramens are served just right. With a perfect quality and quantity combination, this is definitely a hit in the metro scene.

The interior is a high-ceiling edifice with good lighting to commensurate a pleasurable dining intimacy. The logo nicely lit-up on the wall seemed like a call for a bowl-for-bowl experience.

The day after the soft-launch, the place so jampacked with people, the lengthy lines of people outside waiting for their turn is reminiscent to that of a "Max's Chicken-All-You-Can" fervor. Not that I am equating the quality with Max's but the thick flow of people and a surprising market reception is exhilaratingly unexpected.

This is the cheapest option than going to Tokyo and trying out their local sub-urban ramen.

Curtain call was a staggering success.

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