Sunday, August 8, 2010


Band of bothers unite for almost a decade of solitary, single-handed life's stride.

Lately my brother's condo has been forcibly opened, a known vicious drill by thieves and thugs alike in the metro, reportedly middle-class men in their twenties. And it was to my knowledge recently that some condo suffered such a malevolent attack.

Accordingly three units of that same condo where my brother was staying at suffered the same fate.

The disheartening scenario was that, since these men are, by economic stratification, in their middle class, they have more or less an access to lawyers and they can pay bail, which I suppose is not that financially debilitating.

My brother's MacBook Pro(serial number W8842H221AX), passport with US Visa, and some few cash in dollar currency were taken. Come to think of it, both our dollar bills are casually seating in the comfort of our homes, and it never occurred to us to open a dollar account.

So he was forced to find one with a bit of heightened security implementation. He has chosen Cityland Tower 8, newly constructed with relatively newer facilities. Not that they have an impeccable record of less crimes but it was, I think, way better than his previous condo.

We went into visit the place and although not yet ornamentally arranged and internally kept as he just moved in, it was better and not mentioning cheaper since his rental includes association dues and other onerous fees in meager fraction.

High-rise and towering over the metroplis, the unit comes with a swimming pool and a gym, usual amenity of a urban-based condominium.

Me and our younger brother came to the place, surveyed around, and were more than glad to vouch for it.

Rooftop is such a view to relax, chill out some glass of Cabernet Sauvignon-type wine, gaze around the starry night, the bedazzling cityscape and the glistening Manila bay front.

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