Sunday, September 5, 2010

Nokia N900: Treading on the Linux Road

While on my way home after a grueling, no-walk-in-the-park review for my lecture on astrophysics at Manila Planetarium, I bumped on Chicosan(Chico Hipolito), known for his bevy of funny antics, he was my former colleague. He was fiddling with a new toy, the Nokia N900. Long before that, he used to be one of the mighty proud owner of an iPhone 3GS but for some reason of plain utter boredom, he finally gave it up in exchange of Nokia's flagship product line.

He walked me through the basic interface of the phone, the browser plus factor(having been able to play Adobe Flash-integrated websites), the general graphical interface of the unit, and the connectivity options.

I had known Nokia to be a stickler for the Series 60 Symbian OS. While they have raised the ante in the mobile phone hardware upmanship, it was the software that somehow topple them down in the gradually-partaken market pie. Sure, their stark dominance in this Nokia country is a hard act to follow but the market segment was continuously overruled by the advent of the iPhone and Android competition.

Although Nokia released phones that has a touch interface, their smooth factor lacks luster, comparing heavily with iPhone's interface, capping the Nokia as a "trying-hard iPhone wanna-be."

This time, an open-source Linux Maemo Project is quietly incubating at the forefront of their lucrative high-end product research-and-development. What began as a geeky experiment with Nokia 770 tablet some few years back has become the company's serious business foothold.

Maemo is known to be a platform for tablet computing while the Series 60 is a sterling choice for the pure breed smartphone. Will this reversal of fortune ultimately bring fortune to this Espoo company into the top chart as it once had been? Will it redeem the Nokia's "pioneering OS to pale interface" back into the spotlight? And will it ever live up to what Chico describe as an "iPhone killer" now that competition is getting fierce as far as entertainment phone is concerned? And with the whole slew of rising Android phones(HTC Desire, HTC Wildfire, HTC Legend, Motorola Milestone, Samsung Galaxy S, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 and younger sibling X10 Mini, etc) out there?

I don't want to discuss about the phone's rafts of features as laboriously discussed by Chico since I had just had a maiden first impression of the unit. But as soon as I have the Nokia's demo/review unit, I will get back into this blog to write a comprehensive review.

For now, a fine good luck to the roadmap Nokia is treading on.

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