Monday, April 6, 2009

Via Nanobook for your miniature computing fetish

World renowned manufacturer of chips, logic boards, and other semiconductor platforms just unveiled Via Nanobook, of what is touted to be a “Blackberry on steroids” except that it is a notebook form factor. The design architecture is similar to that of Intel’s UMP, bearing almost the same weight and size, meausuring less than 900g, measures 230 x 171 x 29.4mm has a 7-inch touchscreen display, every small wonders crammed in to make it a gravity friendly device.

There are other rafts of features though that are not as astounding as other laptop in its genre. It just comes with either 30GB or 60GB hard drives, 802.11g Wi-Fi, bluetooth, and ethernet connectivity.
What sets it apart from the crop is USB-based modular expansion panel next to the screen. The aim is to allow the user to hotplug various peripherals, such as WWAN, GPS and VoIP gadgets, so that they won’t protrude from the case.

Retailed at a price point of $599, it is deemed to have been under the brainchild of Packard Bell, although Via has been in the forefront of technology, powering numerous UMPCs such as the OQO model 02— the new reference design suggests that the Taiwanese firm now intends to lead rather than follow.

The idea of a pocket-size computer, more akin to a laptop than a PDA, is nothing new. The UMPC platform masterminded by Microsoft is one example, but battery life is notoriously poor and prices often range far beyond the $1,000 mark. Palm’s Foleo minimizes the price at the cost of functionality and connectivity. Microsoft’s earlier Handheld PC platform still lurks in vertical markets, though the spec hasn’t been updated in years.

VIA’s NanoBook is designed for use with Microsoft Windows XP or Windows Vista Basic operating systems.

Ditch away the Fujitsu Lifebook U810 because of its unbelievably astronomical price($999), people still prudently asked: “will this nifty device nifty enough to topple its competitions like Asus Ee PC and Palm Foleo down to its knees?”

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