Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Asus Eee 1000HE: Function over form

Just recently, Asus has released a revamped edition of 1000 with the incarnation of a chicklet styled keyboard. You know those square keys insituted by Mac's? Yes, it became endemic of most netbooks nowadays, since HP Mini 2130 heydays.

But what does Asus has to offer to an already overladen market with fanfares of bells and whistles in netbooks here and there. The answer, the 9.5hours of computing. This is particularly handy especially if you are out of your office or evading your boss's annoying vociferations and you just ended up making your proposals at just any places, even those hang out lounges that doesn't have power outlet to plug into.

Aside from the uber lengthy power usage, it is essentially a 1000H with an overhauled Intel Atom N280 engine. Better performance compared to most competitors, Asus is banking on function rather than form.

I was hoping they would reconsider the built and glamour of Asus Eee S101 but outfitted with a 6cell battery for me to consider outright purchase. And please do not fool us that the Swarovski crystal on its bezel costs a fortune. 

Well, think about it Asus. 

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