Monday, April 6, 2009

Vertu Constellation: jetsetting the lifestyle of the rich and renown

With my affinity to anything glossy and glamorous, I always find myself daydreaming having nightly carousels and popping out champagne glasses on a cocktail party with the Zobel’s, Lopeze’s, Duavit’s, and Tantoco’s. To top all that, I will also be totting famous lifetsyle materials only them can exclusively own, a Maybach 64 luxury car, Vacheron Constantin wristwatch, Hickey Freeman tuxedo, New & Lingwood shoes, and probably one of the most expensive cellphones. 
But the closest thing to the lifestyle of the rich and famous would be to test gadgets that would astutely describe their makings. 
Starting off with a cellphone. 

The brand that brims a flair of luxury is Vertu, a Nokia-linked company that goes out of the box from creating a fairly ubiquitos personal gadget into an exclusively confined device only meant to spruce up the ego of the society’s elitist few. 
Vertu took the bold step of re-injecting this brand of exclusivity back into the mobile phone market. Boasting exotic materials, sleek designs, and excellent craftsmanship, the Vertu Signature phones shifted the focus from hand-held to hand-crafted. In doing so, Vertu single-handedly created a new product segment: the luxury communication device. 

The latest in the Vertu line-up is the Constellation collection. Inspired by classic aircraft, the Constellation targets the international jet-set with features like real-time flight tracking and currency conversion. 

With a design that is equally at home in the luxurious cabin of a private jet or in the sobriety of a boardroom, the Constellation cuts an extremely sophisticated, yet understated presence. 

With a mix of high-grade materials like top-class European leather, sapphire crystal display, as well as stunning ceramic number pads (on certain models), the tactility of the entire phone is simply delightful, albeit slightly addictive. 

Clearly designed for those living the ultimate jetset lifestyle, the new Constellation line of phones will sport premium refinements such as scratch-resistant sapphire crystal LCD displays and leather backs(in black, tan, chocolate and pink options) with either 18-carat gold or stainless steel finish. The keypad, available in ceramic–a first for Vertu–and stainless steel, comes laser-etched with backlit illumination. 

The Constellation collection is the third range of Vertu mobiles introduced into the market, after the classic Signature series and the sporty Ascent line. Frank Nouvo, Vertu’s principal designer, revealed in a press statement that the "Vertu Constellation design was conceived in order to complement both of these Vertu originals(Signature and Ascent series) and reinforce the style and design quality of the Vertu brand."

According to the company, each Constellation phone is handcrafted in the company’s UK workshop. As many as 45 hand-tightened screws(in the gold version) are used to hold the handset together. The phone itself draws inspiration from the classic aircraft design. Perhaps the most evident example is the microphone receiver port which is shaped to resemble a traditional propeller fan. 

Of special note is the pink leather-clad Vertu Constellation with polished stainless steel finishing. Designed for the female crowd, this is the only model in the series which comes with a distinct red ruby stone in the center of the navigation button controls. 

To further enhance the user experience of world travelers, Vertu has introduced several interesting features into its Constellation models. These include a real-time flight tracker for on-demand flight information, a currency converter with the latest exchange rates and a global weather reporting tool. These services will require GPRS connection for activation. The phones will also come with a flight mode, which allows the phone features to be accessed without having to turn on the cellular functions.

In keeping with Vertu tradition, the Constellation also comes with Vertu Concierge, a one-button access to lifestyle services 24 hours a day from virtually anywhere in the world. This is the least used feature of this phone(but definitely a nice to have) since people who has the audacity to own this must have an executive assistant, or more so a butler. 
And just as the sub-brand "Constellation" goes, the price for the kind of lifestyle phone I am aspiring for is equally astronomical as well. So I’d better be content on what my salary can afford, a Motorola RAZR V8 Luxury Phone. 

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