Monday, April 13, 2009

Bluetooth 3: Promising Technology for Huge Multimedia Contents

Bluetooth has been a "de facto" standard of short distance intercommunication between two devices to exchange valuable data. And it has been in the forefront of wireless technology long before color LCD cellphones came into mainstream existence. To say that bluetooth sets the pace of wireless connectivity is but an underestimation. 

Though short range, only ranging 100meters maximum, it serves its purpose as a wireless pair end technology, challenging the infrared technology into its languid rest. 

This time, Bluetooth Special Interest group, composed a group of companies defining and standardizing the layer protocol architecture of this technology, once again enthralled every digital fancy in us.

Set to be released on April 21st, Bluetooth 3 will tap "ultra wide band tcehnologies", spurred to draw crowd attention as far as huge data file transfer , mostly multimedia library, is concerned. 

It will churn out a 480mBit/second transfer rate but still use low power idle-mode convention of bluetooth. 

Accordingly, this will fortify home entertainment and consumer electrnics market, giving them the capability to batch transfer entire music library or even a complete dvd movie. 

Another notable feature is the Enhanced Power Control which reduces disconnect incidence for headset and handset users. 

Nifty device ins't it. We can only hope its integration to mobile phone would mean a common adaptation of large sized solid state drives into handset units. 

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