Monday, April 6, 2009

Everything that a road warrior can't leave home without

Amidst a flurry of tech blogs out there, I still find it essential to blog about technology, but this time solely for people who travelkled by chocie or by force. 

I, for example, don't really travel, but chances may surmise that my company would sent to the far reaches of the world for, say, symposiums or just any business related assemblies.  This then would also be my story.

People love to travel. It's a statistical fact that 4 of every 5 families travel at least once a year. And that our country prides itself as Asia's one of the formidable tourist destinations to luxuriate.

While this blog doesn't swing in the centrifugal topic of tourists' to-die-for places and gallivanting guide, this will surely mention of technologies that aid them during those times that  they don't have a family or butler to lean on. Only them and their mobile devices. 

I welcome you to the lounge where the finest ensembles of digital/mobile devices are congregated, sorted, and relished with full convenience, for people who travelled far and wide, or to those who simply found "outdoors" as a way to de-limit their creative burst from the squared confines of their offices. 

This is your lifestyle... albeit digitally speaking. 

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