Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Lenovo Pocket Yoga TabletPC: a hybrid twist of netbook and pursebook

Following the lead of the netbook bandwagon, Lenovo unraveled another welcome addition to their netbook line. This time it took the form-factor akin to the Sony Vaio P series, a digital purse edition. 

Tagged as a Yoga laptop(it twists and tramps a lot like Yoga anagoge) meant to entice the uber-mobile professionals. 

The design concept can let you just foist in the device into your pant's pocket. Ingeniously handy especially to those who just travel feather-light while enjoying the urban merriments. Clubbin' has never been so enjoyable, without the hassle of losing in touch with offshore clients.

With its wireless capability, one needn't to lug around heavy backpacks with full-scale laptops inside, and will just relish the comfort of being extremely mobile. 

The concept for the Yoga laptop is hinged on the bending of the mind. The design harmonises the personality of the user with the object of use. This multi-functional laptop is realised through the inclusion of an innovative soft hinge technology support that allows for three modes of self locking position: as a general laptop, tilted at 300 degree angle as a table display screen and bent over at 360 degree angle as a drawing pad. In keeping with the flexibility of use and transport, the Yoga laptop is designed with a detachable keyboard and wireless mouse. Yoga laptop, finished in tactile leather material has an inherent built-in visual identity technology programmed to automatically identify its owner. This makes it an object that is personal and secure.

It has been a two year old design philosophy but it never went into mass production. But the physique looks promising, an elegant leather exterior, it is sure to enthrall the upper-class marlet.

We can only hope the price is not imperiously upper-classed as well. 

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