Monday, April 6, 2009

Motorola RAZR2 V9: Fearless Views of What’s Hot and What’s Not

Indeed Motorola has lived up to its name being the winning trailblazer of clamshell phones, starting with the Startac and Microtac heydays when cellphones are just considered items of people like Donald Trump and Sultan Bolkiah, a commodity of the rich and famous. But it brings me back to what Owen Wilson in the movie iSpy has to clamor about his spycam when he say "Size matters!!!"

But gone are the days when a cellphone is mistaken as a thick piece of ice-whittler only used during halo-halo indulgence to shove off blocks of ice. And we also say bygones to jeans suffering from huge bulges and pockets woeing from limited space for an equally important survival kit of today’s gruelling economy, your trusty, old, dear wallet, what else.
Now, Motorola has even leaped miles ahead against fierce clamshell designed competitions with their new flagship sub-brand named RAZR. It even has gradually evolved into a household name to brandish a phone that acquires slim and savvy characteristics, only a Motorola has a right to brim with confidence.

In the Philippine market, they have released Motorola RAZR2 V9 in the retail shelf that makes people go gaga and churn over with skirmish longingness.

Here is my humble rundown of what’s hot and what’s not of this phone. Peruse through the grins and grimaces that may make or break your buying frenzy.

1) The RAZR2 V9 sports a huge 2.2 inch display, the biggest of its class(of external displays).
2) They have ditched away the big hump at the base of the keypad. Hmmm…. maybe because Nokia is starting to copy its “RAZR thin signature” with its Nokia 6555. Oh, I hear Cherrie Gil in her winsome line saying ‘You’re nothing but a second rate, trying hard copycat.’
3) You can easily toggle music keys at the bottom of the external display.You have seen it on other Samsung phones already but Motorola did a hands-down, nifty implementation with its on-vibrate response whenever a key is pressed.
4) RAZR’s previous aging interface was given an overhaul by the incorporation of Linux/Java-based operating system. 
5) Software bundle includes Windos Media Player 11, and I need not elaborate what it can do to make your sound-drenched life easier.
6) The uncanny ability to reply text messages even when the unit is closed is made possible. One caveat though is that you have to navigate and browse on your pre-programmed text messages like "Mwah, mwah, mwah, love you na" or your straightforward excuse "I’ll call you back, I’m just in a meeting" and my favorite DOM eluding line "Don’t call me, I’ll call you" and not being able to just create messages out of your own caprices.

1) 45MB of internal RAM and no expansion card to boot seemed ridiculous. This will surely be a major let-down for music affionado who fancied passion of downloading gargantuan amounts of mp3’s. My advise? Get yourself an iPod, dude….
2) I haven’t tested this one yet but based on the rising vociferations of its users and from our readers, its 2Megaixel resolution is a frowning factor for the ‘already’ and ‘would-be’ users because of its low quality resolution.
3) While it astutely fits my hand(I feel like this phone is aptly created for me), some petite hands may find hard to clasp it and its keypad while texting.
But if you are only enamored by the sheer beauty and aesthetic delight of the phone, this surely would appeal to your senses. Form over function? Not entirely. This phone packs a small wonder and wallops rafts of outstanding features not found in other competing brands.
This whippet-thin tremor would surely be an added pleasing sequel from its hallmark of sexy phones in the tradition of RAZR V series.

What really attarcated me to this electronics darling is the smooth metal and glass exteriors with dazzling crimson chrome finish that makes my passion for anything glossy went shivering with desire.

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