Thursday, April 16, 2009

Swiss Army SwissFlash USB: To the McGyver tendencies inside us

MacGyver move over, will yeah.

This is a mobile electronic technician’s best friend. And a perfect tool for those people whose advocacy in life is centered towards wreaking havoc and dissecting circuit designs. It’s a pretty much straightforward multi purpose tool that has the auxiliary premium for saving schematic diagram and any data through its USB drive. 

This is a proliferation of technology, practicality, materials, and quality design, rolled into one. 

What’s worth mentioning is the skillful integration of the high-output white LED light which is extremely bright, and due to redundant LED design does not generate any heat.

Now you don’t need to grope and rumple your way to the dark spots of your working area just to look for that missing screw, just flash the light, seek and you shall find. 

If only there'd be companies out there who'd love to mete it out as their corporate give away.

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