Monday, April 6, 2009

Nokia 770: a PDA category contender?

While palmOne LifeDrive’s stint in the mobile industry created a rippling undulation due to its gargantuan drive space, plus a raft of outstanding connectivity features like wifi and bluetooth, Nokia on the other hand just released a non-phone device that would hopefully give palmOne’s LifeDrive a knock off?

I have a penchant for minitaure computing devices, but I still don’t know if this Linux powered device will take off in the Philippine market. Not because I dont belive in Linux(I’d rather revere my salutation to Torvalds than Gates for a more stable operating platform), but Philippines is a market where a "get-used-to-it" graphic interface is something that matters. That’s why Windows OS still occupied a larger share of the whole computing population because people are just afraid with the change(paradigm shift).

So, will the Nokia 770 be forcible enough to change my perspective from my current Clie TJ37 handheld to an all new Nokia 770 Handheld? Brace yourself….

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