Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dell Inspiron Mini 10: Reprising the Mini

Dell, in an effort to reclaim what has the Mini 9 lost, once again pulled the string of surprise by coming out the new netbook line. And this time with vengeance. 

On a lighter note, almost all netbook brand started out pretty shabby. So Dell may have just found a frist time 'mal a propos'when they released the Mini 9 that not only has a small screen but a meager capacity solid state drive. 

BUt the gossamer wings of chance had given them another bout to prove their worth. And now, presenting, Dell Inspiron Mini 10. 

Sporting the same style chassis with the Mini 9, it assimilates a glossy lid exterior. And because its screen size is larger as compared to the Mini9, it appeared 2inches longer but having both similar width. Surrounding the system are the standard 3 USB ports, Ethernet, mic, headphone and media card reader, but also nestled on the right edge is an HDMI Out).

Heaqring the gripes of most netbook customers to have sored digititis due to the dimunitive keyboard size, Dell finally gets the keyboard on the Mini 10 right and apparently it is not only bigger than the Inspiron Mini 9’s but also bigger than that on the Inspiron Mini 12. The shift keys on both the right and left were decently sized and there is a full row of function keys along the top.

It's one of a kind trackpad doesn’t have a dedicated mouse bar or buttons. Instead, like the newest Macbooks, the entire pad is a button. Instead of pressing the entire pad down, the right and left bottom corners can be pushed to make selections. In our brief time with Mini, it took some getting used to but we appreciate the space saving move. In addition, the touchpad is multi-touch capable and will support new gestures.

Despite its lilliputian size, Dell came up with an uncomprosming screen quality at an edge-to-edge display (no bezel). The 1024 x 576 resolution (disregard the resolution said in the video) screen was quite bright and watching a streaming video was a nice experience. The screen definitely gives the HP Minis a run for their money, though we’d have preferred the extra real estate offered by a 16:10, 1024×600 display.

Intel Atom will be piloting the processor cockpit with a 1.6GHz Intel Atom Z530 processor. Other than that, Dell hasn’t revealed the detailed specs, though we can safely assume it will have Windows XP and a solid 1GB of RAM. But shaking up the typical netbook specs are added configurable features including GPS, mobile broadband and TV tuner options. There will also be the 3-cell and 6-cell battery options.

Maybe it will be worth the wait for those who are planning to get a netbook as a service firearm of your regular 14incher(or higher) laptops. 

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