Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Innergie mCube90G: Holy grail of an efficient, power saving solution?

In our frantic effort to srengthen the day's use of our devices, some would settle down getting another battery pack. But while these battery pack may be able to solve your power deprivation delimma, you still have to charge these batteries while inserted at your laptop. Cumbersome and may defeat the purpose of your sought-after convenience.

The holy grail to an efficient, energy saving technology may have just come into fruition.

At the 2009 CES Convention, the company called Green Plug in tandem with Innergie will deliver the promise of a consummate power saving device that would ease worries of most road warriors to be out of power, out of touch while they're in an unchartered course.

Green Plug's intelligent digital solution eliminates the need for multiple chargers. Ahhhh, talking about saving the assuage of weight in your backpacks and portfolios.

But what is so appalling is that, using an open energy communocation standard devloped by Green Plug, the mCube90 makes it so these gadgets stop drawing power altogether (or a reduced amount, at the very least) when they're fully charged.


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