Monday, April 20, 2009

HP Mini Vivienne Tam Special Edition: A kikay companion

Computing brands nowadays are dragging lifetsyle dossier pretty intensively like a rising technological wedlock.

Ferrari into Asus and Ferrari into Acer but HP took a road less travelled by computer manufacturers. Instead, they followed what has been an en route of triumph for mobile phones. 

Armani slapped into a Samsung phone, Dolce&Gabbana hinged into Motorola, Para paraded towards LG, and HP(its notebook division) is seen throbbing fervor burning with Vivienne Tam.

I am referring to the HP fashion icon inspired netbook which has been in the chasm of cyberspace since December. Unless you are a slackhead taking your day off from the rigors of technology, you wouldn't know the Vivienne Tam edition. It's essentially an HP Mini 1000 but bathed with red and a floral accentuated lid. 

What is worth mentioning is that it finnaly arrives in the Philippines. Although it came in a little late, as it was released almost the same time with the HP Mini 1000 last November, it can still draw a charm as it can strive to compete Sony Vaio P series which similarly has the reigning appeal to women. 

The first lucky few to enjoy the Philippine pilot launch would be none other than the HP employees themselves. 
Who says surfing, twittering, plurking, couldn't come in a subtly girlish style on netbooks. 

It's an ultimate kikay companion. 

Poster grabbed from yugatech dot com

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