Sunday, May 1, 2011

Old Vine Grille: Gallery of good food

While waiting for screening time of Thor, I thought of giving myself a sumptuous lunch without overindulging the guilty pleasures of meat products. So I surveyed around the Eastwood Veranda and mulled over on where I must have a resplendent meal.

Thankfully, there's Old Vine Grille, an offshoot of another Chef Mauro Arjona's culinary brilliance whipped up with the entrepreneurial genius of Larry Cortez, the same man behind the Chef's Quarter restaurant group.

I have been to some of Chef Mau's concept restaurants, Duo Steakhouse and Wine Bar and Zuni Restaurant and Wine Bar. Although these are his ventures with the Prasad family of restauranteurs, you can never go wrong with Chef Mau's delectable concoctions.

And Old Vine Grille is no difference. It is trumpeted to be a continental-themed restaurant with entrees derived from Mediterranean, French and Italian-origin. The restaurant interiors boats of an exquisite gallery of European art with paintings profusely slapped on their walls like an art museum of sort. The ceiling is a graphic representation of grapevines hanging from a trellis. The dining area is so spacious that can accommodate 50persons or even more without having to bump each other while moving around.

That day I got myself a Tessie Tomas Salad(Php295 + 10% SC), a combination of roast prawns, marinated salmons and grilled shitake mushrooms with mesclun salad in a creamy balsamic dressing, a Spaghetti Puttanesca(Php230 + 10% SC), an Italian spaghetti with tangy and spicy taste from finest ingredients of anchovies, capers, chilli peppers and olives with huge portion of shredded chicken on top, Choco Gooey Fudge(Php150 + 10% SC), a mouth-watering chocolate with strips of mango and strawberry. After your meal, you can choose the wines at the wine rack, but I decided to just conclude it with a Grape Shake(Php115 + 10% SC), a fresh grape fruit shake in finely crushed ice.

Yes, I managed to evade from the heavy meal with rice and meat but I still ended up to be so full.

Next time, I might try the duo's other restaurants like Uncle Cheffy Brick-Oven Global Cuisine and Beurre Blanc Restaurant and Wine Bar.

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