Sunday, May 29, 2011

Seasons at Waterfront Manila Pavilion Hotel

We are what you call the "drifters" when it comes to the gustatory monstrosity. We are the buffet busters and monster omnivores. Yeah, that's me and my college room mate. He even has to travel all the way from Laguna just to challenge his gastronomic capacity, while I have to travel all the way to Tagaytay just to taste the curry goodness of Indian and Mediterranean cuisine of Andanita Taj, the gourmet fusion of Antonio's Restaurant and the healthy bliss of Sonya's Garden.

Lately, I got one of the Ensogo groupon vouchers and grab him to once again challenge, if not each other, our self indulgences.

The place is Seasons Restaurant inside Waterfront Manila Pavilion Hotel. The interior boast of an exquisite luxury, a hallmark of a stunning hotel amenity, with profuse lighting fixtures and furnitures that speaks of class and comfort.

The buffet includes main courses, salad section, pastries and pasta, pizza, grillables, dimsum, Japanese Maki, and dessert bar. If you are the kind of person who loves to indulge desserts like cakes, ice cream, and other cold delights more than the regular course, then this might just be the place for you.

The buffet left us really full and sedentary. Though it doesn't have much choices, no steaks, no turkey, and no lobster, I couldn't complain for its price of Php1,375 good for two pax. I couldn't help but compare it with other hotel buffets like Spiral, Circles, and Heat. Even Escolta and Cafe Ilang ilang.

Also, I was wishing that they'd place the exact menu in their courses, not just sketchy symbols of pork, beef and chicken. I was wishing they'd be a little more specific.

While the customer service is good, I noticed everybody speaks Filipino? Not that I am against that practice but a typical Starbucks barista seemed smarter than all of them combined as they can relate well with foreign dignitaries and Filipinos who preferred English as a main language of correspondence. It's a hotel restaurant, I was expecting them to come across using English as a primary communication facility.

Anyway, the gourmand experience you can get here is to challenge your capacity despite a fairly limited entrees.


  1. I maybe the last person to buy a deal coupon hehe But you got a good deal ; p

  2. @Michelle: it was a good deal because i love the desserts section.

  3. kakatuwa sila, walang name yung mga dishes. Tama sabi ng hubby ko you don't even know what you're eating.. that night kasabay namin yung soccer team ng nepal plus another group kaya the place was literally not so good, but the ambiance was nice :-)

  4. @Emerald: yeah, but you can bet on the sign they put on every dishes, like the pork, chicken, and pig icon. :)

  5. Thanks for sharing this marvelous post. It’s very nice that you are sharing about the information in these Pavilion Hotel; How I wish to visit and experience in this hotel.

  6. The crab is big! Wow! I love sea foods and probably would be trying this restaurant because we are staying in a hotel in Quezon City.

    1. It's a little far from Quezon City but I am also sure you can find any nearby quality restaurants within your area.


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