Monday, May 30, 2011

Patisserie: French pastry shop

Because we were an hour earlier to our monster munching time, me and my college room mate sauntered first at Patisserie, a French-inspired pastry shop located at the lobby of Manila Pavilion Hotel.

We only ordered a a hot tea for Php135 as we are readying our tummy for a smorgasbord fest. It's quite pricey though as I can get the same brand of tea bag at Krispy Kreme for just forty bucks. :) Anyways, I'd rather have a tea than coffee.

The pastry has a cozy, warm interior meant for long talks and chill outs. They have comfortable sofa so you can lounge in on a lazy afternoon. The ceiling is elegantly decorated with a fabric tapestry reminiscent of a Victorian castle. Sadly, they don't offer wifi amenity which should have been a de facto standard for all coffee shops.

Their specialties include French breads, Biscotti, Cheesecake, Chocolate cake, and Loaves. They even have Ensaymada. If you're there, I'd suggest you check out their best of the month: Praline of the month and Cake of the month.

This is a place not really for mobile professionals but for those groups of people who would want to talk things over a cup of hot coffee.

While everyone here seemed nice, I noticed that they all speak Filipino? That was a bit odd as I was expecting a pastry shop residing inside a hotel should have staff that speaks English as a prime communication facility. I tried to communicate in English to jumpstart the mood but they still reply in Filipino.


  1. Uy Manila Pavilion! It's been a while since I've seen the place.

  2. @Bea: kumain kami sa Seasons eh, 50% yung Ensogo tapos good for two pa isang voucher.

  3. Hi. I like your blog. Just found it by accident. Jut one comment though about you finding it odd that some people dont speak in english. If it was me i wont find it odd if they dont speak to me in english, I would be happy talking to them in filipino as well..anyways, its about preference :)

    Good luck with your food adventures and more yummy pictures in the future.

    1. thank you.

      on that one though, i was actually the one who initiated to speak english and they replied in tagalog which i find an unlikely reply. just because one looks like a filipino doesn't mean that he is, he can be a malaysian or indonesian.


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