Sunday, October 3, 2010

Zuni Restaurant and Wine Bar

My folks knew me well as a person who has a penchant for good food, with a sporadic voracious appetite to boot. Sporadic I should say because for one, my appetite goes well with the place. I have a meager food indulgence when I'm in an upscale restaurant. I feel my food well when I'm there, and for whatever scientific reason, that eating habit makes me easily and swiftly full.

I have been to the Zuni Restaurant and Wine Bar lately to have my dinner. If you're into restaurants often as I am, you would know that Zuni is a restaurant formed by the Prasad family, the same breed of restauranteurs that brought to you the Duo Steakhouse and Wine Bar.

Zuni is such a nice, cozy, and comfy restaurant nestled at the very heart of Makati. It's a well executed dining concept serving continental cuisines. They change their menu though every year or two, or so I was told. Two of their entrees are similar to the Chef's Quarters as Chef Mauro Arjona of the Chefs Quarters works with the Prasad family in the Duo. However Chef Ding Lazona is mainly heading in the creative effort of making the menu for the Zuni.

Dessert comes first. Oh the sweet entrements should lead the pack in picking my fancy, so I ordered the Banana Split first. I have a special instruction for it: two chocolate ice cream on the side sandwiching the strawberry ice cream, crushed peanuts sprinkled all over, and a cherry fruit on top of the strawberry ice cream.

Then, for the main course, I have the grilled US Beef under a medium-rare preparation. Unlike most Filipinos who opted for a well-done cooking almost like an overly-grilled chunk of beef(it must have been our inclination to barbecue), I always have mine on medium-rare as it will not spoil the taste and diminish the quality of the beef. It was soft and tender enough to my last bite, delectably good I should say.

Zuni delivered a balanced atmosphere of elegant dining and cozy ambiance assimilated by an impeccable brand of customer service, all for the always-mobile cosmopolitan consumer like me.


  1. I'd have to agree with you, I like my steak medium rare too. Food looks really good.

  2. Hi there!
    I have never been to ZUNI... Makati is too faraway lol
    I have been to DUO once, I liked it but it ain't cheap haha
    I have been to Chef's Quarter too but I find it trying too hard to be DUO hehe
    So, I see you love desserts too!

  3. been to Duo and Chefs Quarter too. Delish nalang talaga hindi pa, to think its closer to my place.


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