Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sentosa: Heart of Singaporean craving

Singapore, a melting pot of the orient, a crisscross of cultural roots, a heterogeneity of Asia's prime cuisine.

The place is a conglomeration of nearby races gravitated towards an urban sinkhole called Singapore. These races are Malay, Thai, and Chinese predominantly with a little tangibility of Indian influence.

So does their cuisine. Sentosa is an epitome of a Singaporean spirit, a best of brewing cultures of the East with the best of their cuisines concocted to satisfy the cravings of all races combined, and beyond.

Sentosa Singaporean Chinese Restaurant's design elements were that of a well-adorned Chinese restaurant with the trimmings of Thai by its apparent velvet lining cutting the monotony of the bare look that holds the exquisitely beautiful chandeliers. The nicely cushioned seats with circular print is halfway between a Chinese and Malay derivative.

That night, I got myself a Radish Cake in XO Sauce(Php95 + 10% SC), which is essentially a radish cake cut into cubes and deep-frying it with vegetable oil and a special XO sauce, Sentosa & Spicy Beef(Php285 + 10% SC), a delicious thinly sliced beef with a bit tanginess at every bite, Fried Rice with Salted Fish and Chicken(Php200 + 10%SC), a rice fried the Chinese way but mixed with salted fish and strips of chicken, and refillable Chrysanthemum Tea(Php85 + 10% SC), it's so fresh that you can actually see the Chrysanthemum flower floating inside your glass.

There are still an assortment of entrees that seemed worth trying so next time I have to make sure I still have a stomach space, especially for the dessert.


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