Monday, May 2, 2011

Thor and the Einstein-Rosen bridge

This is not a movie review.

My childhood was a cartoon epidemic. I grew up with it just as everybody grow up with it as an integral part of their childhood, however mine was a little non-popular medium, comics, particularly Pinoy komiks. Unlike the general public who get fascinated Marvels, I on the other hand, followed Mars Ravelo. While everyone was so immersed with Thor, I, in my seclusion, was dipped with Dodong Maso.

It was just during college that I added DC and Marvel characters to my very few superhero assembly in the likes of Silverhawks, Centurions, and Bionic Six. One of that Marvel characters is Thor, so when the news about it released as a motion picture, I was hit by my anxiety attack.

I thought of watching it at Ultra 7(Php400) but I was informed that it's just LaZ Boy and not 3D, so I opted for the Cinema 6(Php350) instead. I have been sleeping in a LaZ Boy in the office, so that seating option has not been a luxury for me anymore.

One thing that got my attention in the movie is Einstein-Rosen bridge. For those of you who are into astronomy and astrophysics, this is not the first time that you encountered such a word. In fact, you'd probably hear it over and over, countless times. This is the holy grail of time travel, I should say.

Let me explain to you in layman's terms: Every solid surface in this world is NOT ABSOLUTELY solid. It has full of holes and crevices in a quantum scale. The same can be said of time. It is this gaping hole in the fabric of time that might give way to space travelers in unfathomable distances, the tunnel of the past and future. This tunnel is conveniently called WORMHOLE.

Hold your horses and don't sell your real estate in exchange for time travel ticket yet, wormhole is highly unstable and right before you can make your first step, it may have already closed. Second, it is humstrung by the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, one that states that you will be transported to an unknown distance and dimension in random order. Who knows you would end up at the core of a star.

As I lectured this Einstein's field equation, one student ask: can we just make an artificially created wormhole? The answer to that is YES, but it will take the power of a star to do that. And our planetary civilization can't harness that immense power, just not yet.


  1. I wasn't very impressed with Thor. I like Fast5 better. Silverhawks rock! I had a full set with race track and cars of Silverhawks. I was into robots and cars when I was young.

  2. @LovelyE: di ko pa napanood yun eh. mas maganda ba Fast 5 kesa Cars 2? bwahahaha.


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