Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Thai Kitchen: Thai buffet

One equation that knocks me off my feet: dumpling and all-you-can-eat smorgasbord concept.

As was literally dried-hungry when I was about to hit the gym at the Robinson's Galleria. Upon treading to the universe of depravity, I happen to pass by this Thai restaurant, The Thai Kitchen, that struck my cheapskate attention with their lunch buffet priced at Php245 with free iced tea.

My friends have always been ramming my throat of going along with them at some Thai restaurants like People's Palace, Thai at Silk, and AzuThai, but given the unorthodox taste of Thai foods, I have foregone the expense-paid lures of luxury. The first Thai restaurant I have been into was Mango Tree Bistro which serves Thai comfort food pre-disposed to smirching alcohols.

This time however, I have no choice. My body is almost falling apart for having not eaten yet the entire day and that was around 6PM in the afternoon already, about to burn a huge fat deposit and calorie deposit at the gym, so I managed to stand the unconventional curry and soup taste.

Thai Kitchen serves all the basic Thai entrees and more. They have sticky rice with sliced mangos pread all over, same one I have tried at Mango Tree Bistro. They have fried rice also topped with green mango strips. They only have one variant of dumplings too which is a pork siomai, however i still like the one at Causeway. Their sweet and sour pork spare ribs are so delicious, I kept on coming back for it. They only have a fairly limited selection though but with the price, I won't have to complain.

I didn't take note of what they serve since I was in a hurry to hit the gym already as I have other errands that night after gym session.


  1. Uy nag galleria ka pala! lapit lang kaya yan sa office. hehehe

  2. First time that I've ever heard of a Thai Buffet. I don't think it will be sulit for me

  3. @Katey: oo, thrice a week ako sa galle right for the gym. everytime naglalakad ako, iniisip ko kung bakit hindi kita nakakabangga. :)

  4. @LovelyE: yes, i think so, feeling ko kase napaka-demure mo lumamon.

  5. haha, demure lumamon amp.

    when ka ba pumupunta dun? para ako na lang babangga sayo. hehehe

  6. @katey: mga hapon ako eh, like mga around 6PM.

  7. hindi ako demure lumamon. i ate with boys when i was younger. i had boy friends and very few girl friends. we would always go to eat all you can restos. anyway, not sulit because it's thai. di pwede masyadong maraming maanghang.

  8. @LadyE: ako rin, nagkaka-hyperacidity ako pagsobrang anghang. kaya yung binanatan(what a term) ko dito yung siomai lang tsaka fruits. :)

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