Saturday, May 7, 2011

Flying Pig revisited: Swine and Dine

This is the third time that I was here, and the third time that I tried their Pork Burger Oink One Take One Promo. Having said that means that I am not particularly audacious in my choice of food, especially with Raymund Magdaluyo's chain of restaurant since it is sometimes hit and miss.

The name of the restaurant is Flying Pig but it is not in strictest term a restaurant but juts a bistro. Located at the ground floor of Eastwood Veranda, it has one of the premium location amongst all food establishments in the area as it is unmistakably easily seen to public views by walking traffic.

Flying Pig's interior, designed by Archt. Cahthy Saladana, remained unaltered since the first time I was here, except for a hyped up prominence of Flying Pig being your culinary Superman. The place is teeming with hanged galleries of pig related-cartoons reminiscent to that of Pugad Baboy. A makeshift, metallic iconology of what a flying pig really lay suspended on top of the cashier area, made out of used LPG tank. Red and white are generally the color conjugation of the restaurant, with red chairs coupling with white tales with equally red linings.

It is the same matriarch concept of the same restaurant groups founded by Raymund Magdaluyo, with others such as Red Crab and Seafood Club, Crustacia, Paloma, Heaven n Eggs, Clawdaddy Crabhouse, American Grill, Hula Hula Seafood and Barbecue House, Blackbeard's Seafood Island, The Red Crab, Red Crab Cafe, Red Crab Alimango House, Sumo-Sam, Texas Smoke Em, and Blu Fish Coastal Cooking which is just literally beside it.

This time around, Oink One Take One comes in two variants, Cuchinillo Burger(Php300 + 10% SC) and Pork Burger(Php299 + 10% SC). Under their menu, if you buy the a la Cart Cuchinillo, it is priced at Php265 + 10% SC, while the Pork Burger at Php225 + 10% SC. Given the small difference between the a la cart and promo price, I took the Pork Burger. The pork patty is so thick, you'd surely get full in just one burger alone. The burger comes with a really delicious fries and a courtesy bread, now if that alone wouldn't make you full, I don't know what else will.

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