Monday, May 16, 2011

Of fitness and fulfillment

I am not the most astutely fitting person to dispense sound advice on health and wellness topic. I never acquired the palpability to discuss talks surrounding medical science actually, and just rely on my friends who are by the way fitness authorities. I have lots of them in fact.

So let me share to you some of the things that I have learned from them and had been doing it as my axiomatic contribution to keep myself human temple in shape:

1) Eat lots of veggies. Eating high calorie foods is probably the hardest thing to resist, but soon after, you have to make sure that you eat veggies twice the amount of the high-calorie intake you have had

2) If you can, resist red meats. But since I hop from restaurants to restaurants every day or so, this has beyond my rudimentary exercise. So what I did is just to chew my meals properly and drink Yakult for better digestion after every meat-based meal.

3) Drink lots of water, less soda(or any carbonated drinks). I must admit, I used to drink one liter of Coke after every meal, until after college graduation, I was diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus, that epic saga has been my continuous battle up to this day. But I was advised to drink ionized drinks(Gatorade for example) by my friends instead of soda. Still, water is the best.

4) Exercise regularly. I am hitting the gym four times a week. Sweating it all out and burning calories seemed to be one of the best experiences after a sinful indulgence. I ran at least a straight 3-5kilometers at a 10.5speed at the treadmill before pumping weights.

5) Sleep well. Oh yes, you can't have a good gym-ing session without getting good sleep.

Trust me, there's a bit of fulfilment after every gym-ing session.


  1. Oh my gosh.. I can only do number three dyan sa list mo..drink lots of water...LOL!

  2. @Peach: ok lang kung number 3 lang, basta papatikim mo sa amin luto mo. :)

  3. thank you for reminding me of these things. Yup, veggies are good. I've been very busy lately that all i eat is take out food. But when I do have the time, i make sure to put veggies in the food that i cook.

    I miss exercising. I used to do several martial arts when I was younger on top of the skating thing. I was also very active in yoga and pilates. When my illness got worse, i just maintained yoga. Now I don't even have time for it. And when I do, I'm too exhausted to even lay the mat out on the floor. = ( as my fitness instructor friend says, find the time to exercise. that's why when i'm outside, i just do brisk walking to at least have a little jolt to my heart.

    regarding water, i have no probs with it. I can finish a pitcher of water after every meal. = )

  4. @LadyE: ah, good. ako nga dati gusto ko magballet, bwahahaha.


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