Saturday, May 21, 2011

MSI 25th year anniv: Master Overclocking Arena

MSI, one of the leading proponents in PC component manufacturing, just recently held MSI's Master Overclocking Arena(MOA) held at SM North EDSA CyberZone. It is where the brightest minds a of PC enthusiasts and modders battle for the skill supremacy on overclocking a system.

People from different walks of life, levels of profession, and academic undertaking wrestled in this year's one-upmanship for the mightiest modder and alpha overclocker.

Mobilityreel, a film enthusiast, dragged me into this event. He, of course being a multimedia practitioner, required a system built to withstand under pressure for his lengthy film reviews and other related endeavor.

The event runs from May 20-22, 2011 with the following series of activities:

May 20 - event ingress, a free RPG game play, and the day's highlight, a rig display competition. Even an audience can cast their vote for their face rig on display. I bet the one who'll grab this price is not necessary the one with the highest horsepower but just the visually arresting design. After all, half of the people there are not PC-literate and could hardly tell which rig had dual loop, much less any idea about cable sleeving and water-cooling in general.

May 21: overclocking finals. This is when I came to realize that the audience are generally not the enthusiast type. They didn't even swarm the overclocking section to ask about handling tips and clockspeed maximization.

May 22: event egress, RPG challenge including games such as Starcraft, Call of Duty, and Quake Live. This day is hosted by cosplay queen, Alodia Gosengfiao. She seemed to be geeks' favorite. I like her too, if only she will maintain her stature of not going into sexy pictorials for men's magazine. If it does happen, she will lose 80% of her market, which is essentially the younger generation, and of course the young at heart(pointing at me).

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  1. Nice article

    I wonder how many points per day (ppd) this Ivy Bridge overclocked will generate on folding@home?



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