Saturday, May 21, 2011

Joey Pepperoni: Casual pizza place

I am a cheapskate for everything. In fact, I have accumulated enough groupon voucher to strive my way and evade hunger for the next century or so. :) And today's dining adventure is but one of those cheapskate moments.

Odd as it may seem that I pass by this pizzeria frequently in DBP Bldg and RCBC Plaza Makati but I never had a chance to try it, until now. After rounding up the MSI event, we were bit by hunger so we had to scourge and check for any best value restaurant. Me and MobilityReel decided to hit Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria.

A quaint little place in SM North at the far end of the Annex adjacent to the Supermarket, Joey Pepperoni is a casual dining restaurant that specializes in Italian-American cuisine and comfort food. Although named after its owner, Joey Concepcion, the menu of the restaurant is concocted by the Milan-based Chef Giorgio Bucciarelli who is now the incumbent Chief Executive Officer.

The restaurant interior is very simple, a backdraft of what looks like Venice is the restaurant central wall theme. Adorned by a hanging lantern made of a woven paper fabric stamped with Joey Pepperoni stickers is but another design ingenuity.

Having lounged in at a comfortable, well-cushioned seats, we began picking our orders. As if we use our neural muscles enough, we just pick the one at the signage where it says Buy One Take One for only Php199. So we got ourselves a pasta and a pizza, all buy one take one. For the pizza, we got the Trio Special and Bianca Vegetariana and for the pasta, Pesto Cream and Pasta del Tonno, a tuna-based pasta. The taste were not really leaning to the gourmet kind but for its price, who would complain. I like the Bianca better than Trio due to its cheesy goodness. The Pesto Cream pasta is a bit soggy but the pesto and its veggie-based ingredient won my heart.


  1. so far, i love their quattro formaggi. saraaap!

  2. @katey: i want pizza that has lotsa cheese. di ko nga nagustuhan yung Trio, mas gusto ko pa yung Bianca.


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