Monday, May 16, 2011

Yakimix: Smokeless grill goodness

After Gold's Gym-ing with my college room mate who is a professed health buff and a power builder himself, we went to Trinoma to hit Yakimix. Yes, that seemed to be an odd combination of saintly and sinful calorie carousel, but heck, we always make sure to have a good time while we are both single and unattached by hopping into restaurants that can satisfy our monster palates.

Yakimix is a treasure trove for for those who'd like to devour gargantuan quantity but grill it their own way. It is essentially a Japanese-Korean yakiniku spread out in various locations like T.Morato, Macapagal, Greenbelt 3 and Trinoma where we are at.

Our timing was impeccable, because having eaten in some of the country's finest smokeless grills like SamboKojin and BonoYaki, I know that the place get crammed with lengthy lines of diners waiting outside. Finished pumping irons at 9:45am, showered and got out at 10:30am, drive to Trinoma and arrive at Yaimix at 11:00AM.

The ambiance is perfect for those who'd like eat with comfort, having had well-cushioned seats, profuse lighting fixtures, spacious walkways, and fast refills. He got himself a Blue Lemonade and mine a Red Iced Tea for our drinks, both are also refillable drinks at Php65 each.

Priced at Php580 per pax, they offer a wide array of grillables and sushi for sushi fanboy like me. They too have pre-cooked meals to have something to eat while waiting for your mreats to be completely grilled. We started with prime red meats and then seafoods for the second round. So far, they have sections like grillables, salad, soup, fruits, deserts and cooked meals. But unlike SamboJokin, their sauce are not served right in your table. You have to go to the grill section to get it which is a but of an inconvenience.

All in all, there are two things I haven't found in some of the smokeless grills I have been into, the dragon fruit and a popsicle ice cream.


  1. i don't like dragon fruit. walang lasa... popsicles are a different story...

  2. @ladyE: simula nung nag undergo ako ng regimental medication for my diabetes, nasanay na ako sa mga walang lasa, or weird na lasa. kase kailangan. in fact, i realized that the most healthy food ay yung mga walang lasa.


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