Sunday, October 17, 2010

Samsung Galaxy 5: Cheapest Android solution

The mobile phone OS that has the audacity and rightful claim to challenge the dominance of iPhone, Google Android has gradually gained overwhelming popularity due to its widget-based home screen set up, and.. oh well, price factor.

One of the industry leaders when it comes to mobile phone category took the cudgels to fiercely compete the current market dominatrix duo, Nokia and iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy 5 I5500 is the cheapest Android solution, cheaper by 5grand than the HTC Wildfire. It is essentially Samsung's entry-level device that derived its form-factor from the Corby series.

Commonly coined only as Galaxy 5, it packs a wallop when it comes to rafts of features that one wouldn't expect in a bang-for-the-buck brick.

The device is equipped with 2.8-inch capacitive screen with QVGA resolution, 3G, WiFi, GPS, 2-megapixel camera without flash, 3.5mm jack, microUSB port and microSD expansion card slot. The more interesting thing, however, is that the affordable cell phone runs Android 2.1 Eclair.

The looks department brims with glossy material and sturdy built. The framing is basically just a plastic which is to be expected from its price point. However, it's craftsmanship is forged with elegance. It fits snugly in the hands and is comfortable to hold.

One of the topnotch features is the display technology which make use of a capacitive screen, sporting native resolution of 240x320 pixels, instead of the resistive counterpart.

Inside the hood is the Samsung's TouchWiz 3.0, a personalized interface shell where one can tailor-fit his lifestyle by the utilization of widgets. Aside from the usual eye-candy, one would also get enamored with a whole gamut of apps: Swype, a text input interface that provides faster method by the continuous finger motion, much like swiping, and the SNS(Social Networking Service) that enables you to synchronize your contacts with relevant information about them from various social networks. It´s also what the preinstalled application Write and Go relies on in order to give you the option to simultaneously update your Facebook, MySpace and Twitter status.

Despite the small screen downside, this is still a lovely piece with features as complete as your entertainment touchscreen devices.


  1. Is this the one that cost less than 10k?

  2. hi kate, yes, this is a sub10k device.

  3. Nice, my friend bought one too and he's loving it! It really seems interesting, a cheap android phone but the features looks great.

  4. @JRC
    The exact model in the Phils is Samsung Galaxy 5 GT-I5503.

    I don't know why its called differently in other parts of the globe. In the UK its called Samsung Galaxy I5500 or Samsung Galaxy Europa.

    -- kennz

    BTW its currently priced at Php9,900 in Cellway SM Annex Cyberzone.

    Can't wait for the Frozen Yogurt firmware upgrade coming real soon to this phone.

    And in case you were wondering about the plastic film strip. Yes its still on and it still says Galaxy 5.

  5. it's simply a nomenclature, but it still belong to the i5500 series. most asian countries sports similar naming convention, like in malaysia and philippines it is i5503. however in china it is i5508, and a resistive screen at that.

  6. i bought my cp at CMK around 10,400 2 weeks ago.. and i'm satisfied with this phone. consdered an entry level unit. it's fast and comfortable to hold, although it's back casing is prone to finger/palm prints due to glossy finish. almost all features of the other high end units are on this phone. the screen might be a letdown to others but it's very far, nothing seems wrong w/ this phone.waiting for a froyo update ;)


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