Monday, October 11, 2010

The Alpha at the SouthGate Towers

Located oddly at the 6ht floor of a commercial high-rise is this restaurant that one would perhaps mistook as a hotel, reckoning from the broad appearance of the interiors and its ambiance.

The Alpha Restaurant, located at the SouthGate Towers, prides itself from delivering good food that is not compromised by commercialism. It is owned by a certain business entrepreneur, however the entire concept was a brainchild of Chef Katrina Alcantara, from the Culliere fame.

The interior is a splendor of its own, classic styling, and a motif that might only be found in a five-star hotel dining.

They even have a separate conference table that can accommodate 10 business bigwigs who want to preserve private discussion along with their executive luncheon.

And the Tabacalera Cigar Lounge is a lot like an old-country house, held by its dim lighting fixtures and homey-feel leather seats. It's like a living room in the uniquely American domestic architectural-styled ranch house.

I was in a rush that time so I never had the luxury to order sumptuous meals like the Wagyu Striploin. I grabbed Braised Grilled Lamb Riblets with a Ratatouille Mint Rice instead. Soft and tender, the taste of the lamb was preserved adequately, so as not to spoil the meat through hardened grilling.

And since I am not really into lamb-based cooking, I concluded it with a Summer Salad, a mixture of Mesclun greens, Apple, Pears, Grapes, Grana Pedano slivers, Candied Walnuts with Raspberry in Balsamic Vinaigrette.

And because of my inadequate wine-pairing knowledge, I asked the server which one goes well for my meal, however I ended up with their house Cabernet Sauvignon wine.

I asked if one can customize the "L'Opera stipple" by writing the diner's name instead of the default "Opera", and the waitress says it's doable. They simply have to request it at the chef in-charge at the cold kitchen. I didn't bother ordering though as I was running out of time.

It came to my thought that maybe the target demographics of the restaurant are those who multitask by exploiting dining time with brainstorming sessions and grueling meetings, as it is conducive with such affairs that would seal the deal.

Next time I will close a big account, this is probably the place to be.


  1. lamb is so tasty and delicious! Buti un ang inorder mo haha Masarap ba ang lamb dyan?

  2. I've been hearing a lot about this place..


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