Sunday, October 3, 2010

Starbucks Via

I am no coffee connoisseur, so my knowledge about the Arabica slash Robusta brewing universe is not in the virtuoso of my knowledge on astronomy and quantum physics.

I dropped by Starbucks Metrowalk for a Caramel Macchiato and found out that Starbucks has been expanding their product portfolio with the advent of their Starbucks Via.

Starbucks is a renowned international coffeehouse chain that started out as a bean distributor and ultimately metamorphose into a cafe-type business enterprise. The introduction of their Via is somewhat an unlikely recourse since it may either make or break their market foothold. The double-edged effect is that it may either diminish their in-store traffic or enrich it by reaching out to those who does not favor sauntering on coffee shops. The consumer will decide. And the decision will largely depend on the taste of the Via. Is it better or at least at par with the genuinely brewed ground beans?

Starbucks has been arduously struggling in the US with a rising number of outlets closing down. Our Starbucks here may spell a different trajectory. It is franchised by Rustans and Filipinos love it because it gives them an avenue to hang-out. It is not really the hot that sells but the blended sweets that only contains 5% of caffeine. We love sweets. I love sweets too. And that's why as early as mid-twenties, I am already suffering with diabetes.

Via comes in a two retail packings: three(Php130) and twelve(Php450). The 12-in-a-pack decaf is priced a bit higher though at Php470.

I am uber-particular about my coffee and I don't drink it if it passed 20min after brewing time because it will likely taste bland. What can I say about Via? Well, it's better than off-the-shelf Nescafe Instant but the real goodness of a brewed coffee is still topnotch.

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  1. Pretty darn expensive for an instant coffee, eh?


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