Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Mind Museum @ Bonifacio Global City: RP's First World Class Science Museum

Just because one is a bachelor doesn't necessarily mean that he is bereft of significant contribution to the society at large. Some of my colleagues are actually into occasional street children feeding program, school supplies drive on remotely located public schools, and recently a music-for-a-cause in which proceeds are funneled into the less-fortunate, poverty-stricken few.

While their contributions are stapled into the economic amelioration of our desolate Filipino brothers, mine is a little bit more indirect but at the same time internal. It is anchored towards educational re-indoctrination, one that will lead them into an enlightened struggle for life, the academic paragon of excellence.

With our country's educational fate gradually declining in favor of non-sense showbiz and character-demeaning politics, one should make a stand to make a difference. That stand will hopefully rally others into a meaningful cause, and will foster a collective will.

If we do not want to become a nation of clerks 10years from now, it is absolutely essential that we inspire younger people to go into science and engineering. We know that there are two branches of science that are uniquely compelling: the science of dinosaurs and the science of the stars. Let's drive our younger minds to embrace science, because a functioning democracy requires scientifically literate citizens.

Slated to launch by 2011, the Mind Museum will be the Philippines' First World Class Science Museum. The museum's cutting-edge design will feature the following highlights:

1) The Story of the Universe: Its beginning and majesty

2) The Story of the Earth: Its story across the breadth of time

3) The Story of Life: The exuberant varieties of life

4) The Story of the Atom: The strange world of the very small

5) The Story of Technology: The showcase of human ingenuity

It is in the understanding of these things that we can help build a society that is well-informed, a society that very well know where they are heading as far as intelligent race is concerned.

And that will hopefully be my legacy too.


  1. Is it already built? This will bring in kids to appreciate science more.
    I used to do feeding program then reallized its not going to help then anyway. Feeding them once a day is not enough plus the fact that the organizers were the ones benifiting the most.
    Sad but true.

  2. @michelle: 2011 pa, that is why we're pitching in donations so that it will be built faster than scheduled.


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