Monday, October 25, 2010

From savoring to shopping

I passed by the mall while on my way to lunch, thinking on what will I fill my gastric tank with while fighting its near-depravation state. Although I pass by the same mall almost every single day, there was something in it that I could not put into words. Beautiful, homey, and invigorating. But it wasn't that all. There was this deafening silence that hovers the entire landscape, probably an aftermath of a long week-end where only a handful of people strut their way around to malls.

As I look around from Myron's Place to Felix to Chateau 1771 and beyond, I was already drifted ashore at the Greenbelt 3. So I just said to myself, why can't I just grab some comfort food at the National Sports Grill-- a sporty place to boot, big chairs and tables, big television screens, and with all American foods which are usually the kind that I munch while minding exhilarating sports matches-- foods like fries, burgers, fish and chips, ribs, and the usual meats and pasta.

While on my way up, I passed by a yet another sports sanctuary, the Adidas Concept Store. Nothing really new to wedge your eyes on a tethering frenzy, except for the fact that there were only few people around, and thus, such a comfortable way to shop.

On what was meant to savor my dear lunch ended up with having to shop and grab my very first sub-5grand shoes. Yes, you heard it right. Mainstream-priced male shoes nowadays cost Php6-7k, and I got mine less than 5grand? Whew!!! Steal-deal.

The cost of getting a good bargain? I have to stay around for a couple of hours to fit almost all the displayed models. Oh yes, that is how I shop. I fit them all, and decide which one goes well for me. The "fit all, buy one" dictum really suits well with my retail philosophy.

Because of my long-overdue stay at the Adidas Concept Store, my time runs out. I rushed back to the office after, empty stomach but not empty handed. But I was still able to pass by 7-11 to grab hotdog, instead.

Now, this is another welcoming addition to my gym shoes then.


  1. i didn't quite read through your post yet because i only had a few minutes spare before i go. anyhow, i'd like to thank you for leaving me a comment. i hate the feeling of being annoyed but sometimes i just can't help it. so many people seem to have lost their IQ and that really pisses me off. i seldom react to those kind of circumstances but maybe because i was already having a bad day to begin with, that pushed me to react that way. oh well, i know shit happens and that was one of them.

  2. Nice gym shoes, 7-11's hotdog never fails ^_^

  3. @Pia: oh yes, it does happen at times. maybe when it does, you might want to gasp a breadth of air and detach yourself from the situation, only then you see the entire perspective with a clearer and more placid horizon.

    @Kate: oh yes, and it's my first sub-5grand shoes. it's just Php3,990. for such a 4k price point, it's a dirt-cheap bargain. and 7-11 hotdog for me is more like a no-choice scenario as i am more of a rice or mashed potato or pasta person for my carboloading. :)

  4. yes, i'd have to agree it was a steal, you're lucky!

  5. You know what? Adidas is having a PhP1000 off promo right now if you bring in and exchange a used but in good condition rubber shoes.

  6. oh yeah, i went back to the shop and they told me they have "refresh your gear" drive where one can donate an old, wearable sports shoes. in turn, you'll get Php1,000 off if you're buying a Php3,500> shoes. less Php500 if it's less than Php3,500. cool.

  7. shopping always makes me happy but I can never do it on an empty tummy! I'm also a foodie.


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