Tuesday, October 12, 2010

iPhone 4 16GB: first dip

The most-coveted device, since the time man invented silicon chips, is already here in our shore. Globe Telecom, the Philippine's official carrier, just had a 2-in-1 launch for it, 2 events in 1 day, or 2 hotels for 1 blast.

With an ever-widening fan base, iPhone 4 is a classic example of Apple's uncanny ability to rally its product to consumers. Rumors of its release is spreading like wild-fire in the degree of anticipation and specs-guesses.

Now that it's here, I will also take my dip on it:

The industrial design-overhaul was made, from a plasticky feel of the predecessor iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 already sports solid yet squarish design classic, with an aluminum alloy that wraps around its bezel edges. Design elements include a pair of two strengthened glasses(I don't know if it's a Gorilla glass, that industry talked-about glass with the strength of a sapphire crystal) and a stainless steel band that firmly embraces on all four sides. The effect of which is stunning simplicity.

Along with the enclosure are the usual suspects like the rocker volume, speaker, and a camera. Unlike the iPhone 3GS that only has a camera at the back(not to mention crappy), this time iPhone 4 is accentuated by cameras of both front and back, with 5Megapixel snapper and a flash as a frill factor.

Another rehash that makes the market rave crazy is the "Retina Display". The 960x640 IPS LED backlit is crisp with high pixel density and is probably one of the clearest, if not the clearest, mobile devices around. With my iPhone 3GS, you can literally see the difference in terms of overall display quality.

The phone is comparably thinner than the 3GS at .37 inches compared to .48 inches, making the whole package seem tighter and denser. It's as almost around 25% more to the size of a regular ID. See my astronomer ID alongside with it.

Inside its ace-high exteriors are a treasure trove of fantastic specs: blazing-fast 1Ghz A4 CPU, a spanking 512 RAM, and a capacity option for either 16GB or 32GB of storage space, and of course an OS4 user-interface with APIs that can excellently do backgrounding.

It has an impressive multitasking capability and a plethora of applications to boot: Facetime which is nifty for videocalling, Mail improvement which now include threaded messaging, iMovie(we're already familiar with this, I know, right), and a lot more under its hood.

It's probably the next-big-thing in the mobile technology sphere. But the market reception rest on the laurels of the consumers who would either go for it despite its initial signal criticisms and reported significant call drops or let go of it with the temporary help of the free bumpers.


  1. Hay when can I get my hands on an IPhone kaya? I was not able to get that so I got the next best thing- meaning the one that I can afford lol- nokia 5530 haha which does the basic call and text lol


  2. @michelle: Nokia 5530? wow, such a teen-age phone. you know, phones actually correlate life's equations sometimes. they say, smartphones can make one look older, while funky music phones like yours can dimish age by, say, 20 years younger. :)


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