Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Great Lenovo PC Fest at the Metrowalk

Metrowalk - On what is supposed to be a gimmick place turned out into one of the biggest cyber events of the year - The Great Lenovo PC fest.

I was hoping to have my haircut at Alcutraz Metrowalk but my hairstylist is not there to be around. So I gallivanted around the area, had myself a doze of Caramel Macchiato at Starbucks, went to the Lenovo last day sale and found myself buying a non-Lenovo item, ironically. I bought an A4Tech no-battery-needed optical mouse for my Acer Aspire laptop, my long standing Wintel unit since 2006.

The Lenovo sale is participated by the country's leading computer retailers like Villman, PC Express, PC Gadgets(Datacore), Silicon Valley, Gigahertz, Asianic, TCA(The Computer Authority), and PC Worx.

In time for the Christmas season, and the assertive liquidation of inventory in prelim for the new fiscal period, the Lenovo sale brings all the computing demographics together by offering a wide array of laptops, from basic desktop publishing to heavy-resourced entertainment laptops, from basic web use to graphical-intensive application.

The items included in the sale were Ideapad U, Y, and S series, Thinkpad Egde, Thinkpas X, R, SL, and Z series, B,G, and N series notebook, and a few IdeaCenter desktops, to name a few.

One can avail of discounts up to 60% off on selected items. The leaflet that was handed to me has the following big sale products to score: Ideapad Y410 and 510 can get you Php29,000 savings from original price, the Thinkpad X300 can save you from spending whopping Php52,000 more, and Thinkpak Z60m has a PhpPhp34,000 slash-off from their SRP.

The event was funneled in alliance with the industry leaders Microsoft and SmartBro.

The writer is not connected with Lenovo or to any of its affiliates, merchants and authorized retail partners.

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