Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Brother's MacBook Pro 15" Core i7 Unboxing

To most of you who have knew me quite well, you know that my brother's condo in Makati had been forcibly opened by mindless thugs slash vicious thieves, taking with them some of the valuable items earned from his hard labor.

One of the most noteworthy items was a MacBook Aluminum. It was freshly bought, it didn't even consume its entire warranty entitlement period. Other items which are of seemingly important value are his passport with US Visa and some cash in dollars as it was his entire backpack that was taken.

Now, the guy has had enough hard-earned money to acquire a MacBook Pro 15". And so he did.

Everytime a new gadget is unboxed, it always send some ineffable flutters in my heart. So I volunteered as a sole witness of the ceremonial unboxing, and an official(albeit unsolicited) photographer as well. The place: his new condo(place withheld for security reason).

The MBP 15" is a midrange flagship of the MBP line, next to the MBP 13.3". It has the same single-carved unibody as the rest of the MBPs, although a distinct difference from his unit with mine is the presence of a pair of integrated speakers at the expanded sides of the keyboard lay-out.

With a 15" inch screen, obviously a trade off will be the weight. It is slightly heavier. Right now, I left him testing the battery life as to how long will it last on a seamless usage. But this one should be faster than his old MacBook as this already sports Intel Core i7, 4GB RAM, 512MB NVidia Geforce GT330M and a whopping 500GB hard drive.

It is being retailed at Apple Philippines for Php112,990.

As to why both of us are using Mac? He uses his for programming, I use mine for astronomy.

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