Saturday, June 11, 2011

Creative juices

It has been quite a while that I haven't blogged for the reason that I only have the guts to disclose to some of my very few friends. I never even thought that I would blog again. Thanks to the two most beautiful women in my life next to my Mom, they're Katey and LadyE.

Katey, a professed geeky fashionista who possess an uncanny sixth sense in wardrobe wizardry. Yes, she has that innate talent to pull off splendid clothes perfectly. And just like me, a lover of lifestyle devices as well.

And LadyE? Who would have ignored her culinary and cosmetic caliber. Ask about make up application tips? The do's and don't's? Which make up brands? From Shu Uemura to Sheseido, from Bobbi Brown to BeneFit, from Clinique to Clarins, from Laura Mercier to L'Oreal, from MAC to Mary Kay, she is the goldmine of information in this resource. In fact, her enterprising spirit leads her to Hyphen Store, a store of just about any kikay gurlash must have.

The common denominator of these two? ART. They've got the inexhaustible creativity to pull off in each of their chosen endeavor.

Speaking of artistry, you know for a fact that I don't have a formal academic foundation on digital art, but here I am, designing a whole gamut of tapestry for my friends, from wedding to baptismal invitations, from logo to website lay out, from T-shirts to tarpaulins, from menu to magazines, from prenuptial to photo booths. I essentially have my own design portfolio already, one that I didn't expect I would end up having. I may have predicted a career trajectory in IT and astronomy, but not in this sphere of profession that is almost overly saturated by digital designers and multimedia authors.

Lately, I was asked to design a photo booth for a friend's son's first birthday held at Active Fun SM North EDSA. And that picture that you saw is the finished product.

P.S.: And boys, both Katey and LadyE are already engaged.


  1. First of all, I am shocked. I didn't realize that those simple words meant a lot to you. Thank you for your very kind words and praises John. You didn't have to but you did and I am thankful. Medyo exagg nga lang, but isn't that what friends do? They lift each other up? I am also thankful that I discovered you (or was it you who discovered me?)here in the blogosphere. I have found a new friend, one that's honest and not afraid to admit that he is dashing and debonaire. = )

    I didn't know that you played around with digital art. I only know this side of you that's a geek with astronomy. Dapat pala magpa design ako ng layout ng mga websites ko sa iyo! = )

    I'm glad that you decided to continue blogging. I learn a lot of new things about food and restos because of you although I have yet to sample these cuisines with you. And katey too. I have also found an expert on technology whose advise I respect. Thanks for considering me one of the good forces in your life, John! Cheers!

  2. Oi john! hahaha, ang sweet naman. thanks~

    ang dami mo ng raket, but nice job!

  3. @ladyE: i don't take things for granted. simple it may seem, it seared through me. thanks. exagg ba? bwahahaha. yeah, i started geeking out with lifestyle digital devices(gadgets) and then i re-established my fondness over astronomy in college(i was an officer of an astronomical org back then). digital art was only developed through my close ties with college fine arts dorm mates and my pals at the PR firms.

  4. @Katey: matagal ko nang raket to. kaya nga nakabuo na ako ng portfolio nito na di ko inaasahan. susunod na pasukan ko, fashion design na, bwahahaha.

  5. On the serious side,

    I am flattered to be considered as part of the woman in your life. I think we found out about each other in my post about the sandwich guy (if i remember it right), the rest is history.

    I am actually thankful to have met friends like you and Lady E in the blogging world. Ikaw na lang hindi nag papakita sa amin eh. hehe~

    And I am glad that you chose to continue blogging, Being the techie guy you are and savy words you use, I definitely learned a a few things from you.


  6. @Katey: thanks, mwah mwah mwah... oo nga. The Phlegm Factor pala yung nagpapabond sa atin.


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