Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ramen Bar at Eastwood: For the nth time.

I guess I don't need to blog this anymore as I have done so numerous times, just as I have dined in here countless times, but for those who have just been flipping my pages, here is some of the accounts of those visits. 

But I ended up still ordering same one or two Ramen types. 

And they're always the bestsellers and bestsellers always go for the best person in my life.

RBS (stands for Ramen Bar Special) - Soy-infused Ramen topped with Tamago, Naruto, Nori, Negi, Chasyu, and Kakuni. 

Super Chasyu Ramen - Soy-infused Toonkotsu ramen topped with overflowing slices of Chasyu and Tamago. 

Tempura Ice Cream - best as ever, combination of hot Tempura with a cold ice cream inside. 

So for the rainy day's, make sure you slurp one of these delectable, hugely satisfying hot soups. 

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