Monday, June 24, 2013

Melting Pot Cafe at Concorde Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia, being truly Asia, brims of a cornucopia of food from regions of around the world. The country's multi-racial mix already ensured a variety of cuisine from native and homegrown Malay to the neighboring Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese and others. 

And to say this is indeed a melting pot is but an underestimation especially in the culinary department where some of the entrees you might not understand if you're not familiar with the other Asian continental niche. 

Lately we had an Asian tour and one of our stops is KL where we stayed at Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur. 

We were both tired from long flights so we just had to doze off so we will be able to brace the next morning's buffet at Melting Pot Cafe

Located at the lobby level of the hotel, Melting Pot Cafe can host more than 200 pax offering a fine ensemble of Asian and Continental cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Assorted bread. 

Danish bread and croissants. 

Bread and cupcakes. 

Loaves of bread. 

Cheese overload. 

The "un-pork-ed" salami section. 

Hash brown.

This must be used as well for dipping their bread. 

Chicken hotdog. 

Their version of pasta. 

Pork and beans minus pork. :)

Malay something. I forgot the name. 

Spring roll, except that theirs is never oily.


Potato fritters. 

Beef strips. Their version of as bacon since they don't eat Pork. Delicious nonetheless. 

Salad bar.

You can top your salad with these. 

Chicken Laksa. Delicious. 

Chicken strip. This is their ham version, only chicken since they don't eat Pork. 

Malay bread. 

I think this is made of soya but I just forgot how it is called in Malay. 

Egg Omelet section. 

One of the basic staples of a Malaysian diet. I forgot the name. 

Pancake and waffles section. 

Pink Sio-Pops - we fondly call it, just as how little J.Co donuts are named, "J.Pops."

Sio-Pops white. 

Laksa Noodles section - if you want hot and spicy soup. 

Laksa Noodle section. 

Cereals section. I had a fresh milk but she didn't since she has lactose intolerance which will make her stomach grumbling all day.

Fruit medley. I brought some to my room.

Melon Fruit.  

Dragon Fruit. She said it's healthy for a diabetic like me.

Different juices but my favorite is the Guava Juice.

The mark of a happy face. 

If you're familiar with Asian cuisines of different takes and taste, this is a perfect cafe to melt your hunger.  

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