Saturday, June 29, 2013

No Signboard Seafood Restaurant at Esplanade Mall Singapore

A gaze-away from the Marina Bay Sands, No Signboard Seafood Restaurant used to be one of western Singapore's maiden proponents  in the hawker-style dining scene. Now a full-fledged restaurant, they established their own culinary haven at an Esplanade prime spot, and so prime that it has been tagged as a "gustatory Venus trap" because it is the first you notice when you're at the place. 

Well-lit interior, large circular tables, replete with fine tapestries, and a platoon of diners are but reminiscent characteristics of a restaurant with Chinese descent. Or perhaps the owners are. 

No Signboard Seafood Restaurant has been known as a Singapore mainstream home of chili crab, a kind of dish Kate, one of our hosts, coined as delectably Singapore. 

Let's see what else we've got. 

Mixed seafood

Spice-induced fresh Sri Lankan Crab cooked in chili sauce flavored with prawn paste, garlic and many others. 

Mantao Bun for the chili crab. 

Cereal-encrusted deep-fried crayfish sprinkled with cereal with sweet and salty mix.

We were just a group of four and because of their enormous table, we just occupied 40% of that. 

Thank you to Kate and Princess for being such a warm and fun hosts that night. Till next time… there will be next time. 

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