Friday, November 25, 2011

Ramen Bar: My third visit

This is not my first time at Ramen Bar. In fact, I made two entries about this already. And in all my life being there, I never veer way from the usual RBS madness I have.

Ramen Bar took the bustling ramen scene by storm as Charles Paw(the maker of Digital Hub) and Chef Masa Ishikawa(Japanese chef with several ramen chain across Nagoya, Japan) did a blood compact to invade the already rising ramen revolution in the metro.

Ramen Bar has always been consistently topping my list as far as best ramen is concerned, apart from the usual Ukokkei Ramen Ron(Pasay Road), Tamagoya(Antipolo), and Shinjuku(Little Tokyo Makati).

My first time here was during the soft launch itself. Sometimes it pays to have restauranteur friends who shared lots of common friends too because you get dragged to free meals on their opening nights. It was a good experience as we were given the opportunity to take a peep through their kitchen, where Charles ushered us around, telling us some kitchen dynamics behind it, although he didn't allow us to take picture inside. Hahaha. (I'm seated at the far end)

The second time was with friends I have known for a very long time, friends who despite the years and the busy schedules still manage to forge, meet, and laugh around.

The third was with colleague Rachel, fellow foodie, whose love for food is as tremendous as her love for fashion. After fiddling with her new Panasonic Lumix P&S, she became too busy deciding which food to devour.

She ordered Chicken Namban Rice Bowl(Php185 + 10% SC). It smelled good, so it must have tasted good.

Then goes the never-fail, deliciously served RBS(Php380 + 10%SC), soy-infused Tonkotsu Ramen topped with tamago, naruto, nori, negi, chasyu, and kakuni.

What's wrong with her taste bud, even with profuse amount of chilli powder and oil, she still stood unscathed, as if spicy hot soup is her ice cream, while I have to keep my glass of water filled up consistently to just to extinguish the fire in my mouth.

Last is the Tempura Ice Cream(Php120 + 10%), which is essentially just the only sweets they have. I am wishing Charles can add up some entrees on their menu, even a Kakigori is a heralding welcome. At the very least, for people who can't live without desserts, this is an option.

I'm suggesting Rachel can also try the Ukokkei Ramen Ron in Pasay Road Makati so she can have a comparison. She can bring her boyfriend around to have another taste bud to judge the food, for fairness sake.


  1. I would love to try the ramen at this place because it looks good! :D

  2. @Sugarpao: their ramen is such a winner.

  3. I want to try the ramen!! i must must visit this place.. um yum yum!

  4. i've never been here, but i'm definitely moving this up in my resto list since you've been here 3x already :D

  5. @Diane: yup, try their Ramen, it taste soooo good.

  6. @Smarla: actually, another reason for that is because it is just at the brethren of our building. hahahaha.


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