Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Crab Deli & Bar Restaurant at One Fullerton, Singapore

Haze or no haze… Singapore at its unlikely form is a limited edition. When we cruise around the area, we noticed that the locals wore mask and the tourists didn't. Something tells me that they(locals) weren't used to the level of air particles scathed all over the entire city, especially the one that was caused by combusted materials. 

Al fresco dining were closed, even Singapore Flyer, world's tallest ferris wheel, suspended their operations because of the almost zero visibility.  To preserve an impeccable brand of customer service, they just had to refund our ticket which we bought a day before. 

Local shop owners definitely felt the sudden crunch of economic challenge when less and less people go out to buy stuff. Even Starbucks had to close the smoking area outside because of the health risk(isn't this the same as the risk caused by smoking?) 

Although by noontime, haze level receded because by at a certain thermal level, air rises its shimmy upwards. So we took the chance to go out for a lunch. The stop is at the unpretentious, casual Bayside Crab Deli & Bar Restaurant fronting the giant Merlion at the Marina Bay area. 

Chicken in Barbecue Sauce. 

Sunday's Roast Chicken. 

Deep-fried chicken. 

Satay - seasoned skewered grilled pork. 

Fish fillet. Crunchy and tasty. It was a good experience but the restaurant don't serve house flat water which happened to be a de facto service on restaurants. 

See? Nothing can stop us. Not even a haze that is more than thrice the strata of our local pollutants(Na+ K+ CI NO3 and SO4(2)) polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons. Thank's to our magic facial blanket. :)

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