Sunday, June 2, 2013

Burgoo American Bar and Restaurant at the Gateway Mall

We love pigging out. She has an impeccable taste and I have a voracious appetite, that alone is an unalloyed formula to our blissful dining experience. 

Long ago, as I was basically just catching up some late write ups due to my extremely busy schedule, we had the opportunity to try out Burgoo just to satisfy our rabid craving for comfort food. Not only is it near to where to both of live, it is the only American comfort food I can finally find in the area. 

While it's name can easily be associated to a burger chain(I am not explicably referring to Scott Burger), the name is derived from a stew, the recipe that traces its origin way back in Kentucky 1700s. Burgoo is a concoction of different kinds of meat: deer(or maybe goat), probably as exotic as squirrel, and other kinds of animals caught in a day's hunting game, mix it up with herbs, vegetables and spices. 

And just like the restaurant itself, Burgoo American Bar and Restaurant is a melting pot of meats of all kinds. 

The ambiance is cozy yet casual for a regular chat-while-you-chew setting. The lighting is just as right as it is in other fast casual restaurant and bar. 

They say it's a poor man's Friday but a poor like me wouldn't mind, especially on a starving stomach. 

They don't have Calamansi Juice which we both like so we ordered Lemonade instead. I wish they serve courtesy bread while we are waiting for the order. But then, that might also weaken our gastronomic thrust by filling in the capacity meant for the main entrees. 

Oriental Chicken Salad. Crisp greens, red cabbage, water chestnuts, crab meat, Mandarin oranges, in an Oriental dressing topped with fried chicken. 

Shrimps and Ribs Platter. Mouth-watering combination of barbecued baby back ribs, Cajun spiced fried prawns served with either rice or US fries and grilled corn on the cob. 

Mississippi Mudpie. Chocolatey goodness. 

The dessert which concludes them all. The Strawberry Cheese Cake

One notable experience was how the servers introduced themselves to the dining guests. They put in a huge squeaky clean paper, wrote their name in inverted pattern readable at the guest's front, and left crayons on the table. It was screaming a predisposition to unleash your creative glands, and so I must succumb. I did and I sketched her. 

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