Thursday, June 13, 2013

Cookbook Kitchen at Eastwood City

My fascination to restaurant is not just on good food but on its ambiance as well as I am the type who has an aversion to overly crowded and immensely noisy places. I am neither clinically "enochlophobic" nor bordering on the line, but if ever I am, I perhaps will just shrug it off because even century's great minds and ingenuity are forged on solitary confinements. 

Einstein once said "I hate crowds and making speeches", Nostradamus wrote his quatrains in a dire, dark recluse, Ferdinand Marcos topped the bar exam in uncouth incarceration, Wolfgang Mozart wrote his obra maestro  and various divertimentos at his withdrawn lonesome. 

Such maybe is how i intensified by mathematical postulations and analysis on the nature's baffling equations-- String Theory, Supersymmetry and quantum duality, alone at some of the cozy, less crowded restaurants. 

Cookbook Kitchen's one of the best arsenal is the ambiance. You can never go wrong in this place for a hearty talk, reflective rumination and some of life changing discourse. An array of tasty entrees is just but a good bonus only

And that is why my ceremonial unboxing of my MacBook Pro happened here

Our Lemon Iced Tea and Pineapple in a Can. 

CBK Chicken - slightly grilled chicken stuffed with cheese, ham and basil. It comes with Italian pesto and roasted tomato. 

Gens Steak - beef steak seasoned with 8 herbs and spices. 

The experience is marvelous and the servers were attentive to diner's gastronomic whims and caprices. 

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