Saturday, June 29, 2013

Slappy Cakes in Eastwood City

The first wave of pancake sensation and all-day breakfast revolution was first sparked by IHOP, stands for International House of Pancakes, at the Fort. And where foodies are raving(and equally ranting about), I must be, if only because of my work that impedes most of my gastronomic adventure, especially now that I am rendering three jobs in one fold. 

The closest to its vein is the Slappy Cakes, a breakfast joint located just a lift-away from our building, so missing this shouldn't be impossible. 

Slappy Cakes traces back its culinary roots from Portland, Oregon, where one of a kind and interactive breakfast setting is, as the adage goes, selling like hot pancakes.  

That early morning, we tried our very first pancake DIY experience. 

I had a high fever so I just ordered steamed Milk. 

She ordered Lemon Iced Tea.

The restaurant is defined by a unique selling proposition by installing griddles so diners can make their own pancakes of their choice of batter, fixin', topping, and syrup. She leisurely enjoyed it all. 

We ordered Blueberry for the fixin' and Lemon Curd for the topping.

Mixed veggies for me. 

Since she has an affinity to fish meats, she got herself a boneless milk fish.

We took out some. 

The experience is fun itself because you can choose to make pancakes out of your own shapes, so I made heart for her, a star signifying my astro slash gastronomic inclination and an airplane to symbolize my defunct dream of becoming an airline pilot. 

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