Sunday, June 2, 2013

My 4th time in Sofitel Luxury Hotel's Spiral Buffet

My fourth time in Sofitel Hotel's Spiral (1st was during the time when blogging wasn't a social phenomenon, 2nd was here, and third was here) was more than just a marvelous, it was mesmerizing. And with the season of a four-letter word L-O-V-E, this was the best dining experience in my 30 plus years of being an evolved homo horminidea specie. 

After a year of earnest anticipation from its renovation due to the storm that hit Manila and consequently wrecked the stone walls that  served as a protective bulwark of the crushing sea waves, flooding the entire restaurant floor to knee-deep, the 11million makeover finally pave way to feed some prurient gastronome like mine.

They opened its curtain once again into a 5-star restaurant hotel setting where 21 dining ateliers unveiled freshly cooked entrees right before the diners' eyes. 

The interactive dining brims of a 2,921 sq meter wall that can accommodate 296 people. It connects to a veranda that is a prelude to the hotel's iconic lagoon-shaped pool facing the Manila Bay sunset. 

Pralines and truffles section. 

Bread section. 

Wines, Whiskey, Rhum, Champagne, and Sparkling Water. 

Japanese section. I was surprised the chefs greeted me in Japanese. I know I don't look like one but I digress it is their way of brandishing authenticity. 

The bounty from the sea. 

They have all in here. 

I made my own salad. Look at how lovely it is. 

I asked the chef to make me a buttered shrimp. 

Grill request to the chef. Lobsters grilled to goodness. 

Little bit of everything. That nice pinkish rib eye steak is such a behold. 

Maki and Sushi. With a Wasabi, these will all makes sense. 

Dimsum. Didn't I tell you that I like dimsum so much that I can live on a dimsum only meal? 

Meats. I love the Rib Eye but I choose to have it in a small quantity so to accommodate other entrees or my return entrees. 

An assortment of desserts.

Fruit medley composed of Watermelon, Dragon Fruits, and Pineapple. 

I made my own halo-halo. A Filipinian's meal isn't complete without it. 

I asked the chef to prep up a crepe topped with green tea ice cream for me. 

To conclude my meal was a chocolate ice cream. Even if I still have the capacity to digest while on the fly, she restrained my intake to control my diabetic accolade. 

She was apparently a happy camper in the salad section.

Although there were new things being offered, like the Cheese Room, which I really like(I am definitely a cheese person), there were other things that they curtailed too. One of them was the overflowing wine and champagne. It was supposedly a plus factor for every buffet just as it was in the Oakwood Premiere, but sadly they didn't offer it any longer. 

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