Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Rue Bourbon Bar & Restaurant at Dela Costa Makati

Coined as Manila's home of caramel beer, Rue Bourbon Bar & Restaurant is metropolitan's  next destination gastrolounge that offered more than just good food but a exhilarating chill out experience as well. 

With high chairs and tall tables, casual ambiance, and an unspotted customer service akin to the bars at Menilmontant, Paris, one is welcomed with a thought that this is a bar unfolding its prime glory. 

Tucked in at the Dela Costa corner Tordesillas Steet in Makati, Rue Bourbon is one of those few and relatively unchartered restaurants in the area. And although the place is skimping with narrow spaces, the fact that only few people were there(at least when we visited the place) is a comfort to behold. 

We were on a hunt for a veggie experience(because we feel like overeating on a week-end before this) and this is where our gastronome leads us. 

Calamondin and Lemonade Drinks. 

Ancho Ranch Salad with Buffalo Chicken

Dip for our salad. 

Dixie Chicken with Pesto Pasta - breaded chicken sauteed in compound butter sauce with classic pesto on linguini pasta. 

I was really tempted to order Blackened Chicken with Maya Salsa but I have to foil my voracious appetite because she was discourage to take oily and fatty foods by her dermatologist. 

They serve a little late though so I was hoping that they serve courtesy bread. 

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  1. Hi! Do check us out again, we have a menu that we just launched. :)


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