Sunday, April 22, 2012

Oakroom at the Oakwood Premiere Joy~Nostalg Center

You know what makes for my perfect brunch? A semi-crunchy, semi-soft bacon, a steak and a glass of fine wine. All these and more are realized in the Oakroom, Oakwood Premiere's signature restaurant. 

Located at the heart of Ortigas business district, Oakwood Premiere Joy~Nostalg Center is the country's first luxury apartment service residences. 

And with the association of its deluxe amenities, it has one of the best restaurants to boot, offering an exquisite selection of continental cuisine by using the best and freshest range of ingredients to churn out a culinary masterpiece for the discriminating tongue of the traveling customer. Sit back and relax at large couches and comfortable chairs. 

Sundays are no exception for a relaxing, laid-back meal because of its buffet that includes live cooking station, freshly prepped up dishes, and a free flowing sparkling red and white wine. It is indeed a "Bubblicious Sunday" here.

And they even have an acoustic duo to sooth the sensual mood.  And oh, I fell in love with the singer already. She volunteered to have a photo op with me but my shy demeanor(torpe-ness galore) heartlessly declined the beauty. :)

Assorted bread.

Live cooking station. 

Cheese, salami, and a lot more. 

Pasta section. select a pasta and your choice of ingredient. 

Salad section. Do it yourself, or have them do it for you. 

Let's see what they have on their main entrees. 

This is the essence of a brunch buffet. Sausage and a bacon. 

People came in a little earlier so they have to stay at the bar first while the restaurant staff has to prepare the buffet spread. They ended up to be extremely hungry and when the buffet opened, this is what happened. Lambasted entree. 

And this one too. 

And another one. I love the beef in barbecue sauce. 

Let's see what they have in the dessert station.

Sweet sensation smorgasbord at the dessert station.

And more sweets. 

Ice cream and crepe station. Sadly they don't have a Halo Halo section but this is brunch so it's ok. 

They even have fresh fruits too.

Another look from the dessert station

The dessert station is filled with tempting diet-busters, pastries, cream puffs, creme brulee, and a lot more. 

Carving Station presents…. US Beef Prime Rib. 

The shrimps are really huge. I asked the chef to grill some for me. 

I was the first to invade the Carving Station. I always go with the most expensive piece of meat first. 

I asked the chef to make a pesto pasta for me with grilled pork belly and beef satay. 

Bacon strips and baby back ribs combo. 

A little bit of everything.

Australian red wine. This is life. 

And white wine too. This is not just life, this is a charmed life. 

I can't leave a buffet without an ice cream, so i got all the flavors they have. 

Dessert-ing my heart out. 

Who would want to leave a buffet without your best dessert, a Banana and Mango-stuffed crepe, topped with a chocolate ice cream and grape. 

With the Php880 discounted price from the Php1,199 value, I think it was well worth it. And it could even be an early out-of-the-box date with your special someone. 


  1. hi how u got the discounted price?

  2. ang sarap naman! bacon at steak!

  3. aussie red wine! OH MY!!! i recalled the oakwood mutiny tuloy ...

  4. @Peach: oo ang sarap talaga ng bacon, grabeh

  5. @Charles: hahahaha. same with my colleagues, when i told them about it, they said "ang layo naman, makati pa". little did they know na nasa ortigas na pala oakwood. i love sweet and semi-sweet wines.


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